About Us | Cyclepath Bike Shop of Geneseo, NY

Livingston County's Premier Bike Shop

Located on the corner of Center and Main Street in downtown Geneseo, Cyclepath is a community bike shop owned and operated by Mike Duke.

Mike Duke is a York native and avid cyclist who has been in the bike business his whole life. As a kid he grew up working on bikes at Adam Miller Wheel Goods in Batavia, which was owned by his father. Later, Mike began working at Swain Sports in Geneseo. For the next 18 years, he continued to work at Swain as a bike mechanic, salesman, and manager until the business closed in 2012.

When Swain closed up shop, Mike made the natural decision to go out on his own as the founder of Cyclepath, Inc. Now open for business, Cyclepath carries a full line of Felt and Raleigh bikes for every kind of cyclist in the local biking community.

Whether your passion is riding hybrid bikes on the Green Way, mountain bikes on the Finger Lakes Trail, road biking around the Genesee Valley or anything in between, Cyclepath has the right bike and provides all the repair services and accessories you need.

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